Ziggi: "Joka Smoka" video musicale youtube

Ziggi è un artista reggae molto popolare in Olanda, ve lo proponiamo con il singolo "Joka Smoka", guardatevi ora il video musicale youtube.

Testo "Joka Smoka"

Got my sensimilla plantation inna the hills,
me no want no crackpipe, rastaman no swallow pill..
marijuana smoke is what's comin through my window sill
a ganja empire I&I a build
police find 8000 gram a white last night.
somebody drop it on the coast off a helicopter flight.
dem suspect rasta and dem neglect me rights
and raid me house at night wid gun and flashlight

Ganja smoke's in the air
man a no joka smoka
coke promoter fi dissapear
the highest grade's over here
man a no joka smoka
crack supporter no come near

Me a no cocaine pusher
me nah import nothin and me a no distributor
all me have is one pound a sensi inna the rover
and one pound wha stock under the livin room sofa
dem find 2 pound a ses inna the backyard
4 pound a sensi inna me girl car
dem nah find no cocaine wha dem a search for
why u a pressure the farmer man star

there's a 50 grand reward for information that proves rasta's involved
if a ganja u a look for, gwaan tell the judge im guilty as charged

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